MVB Printmaker

MVB Printmaker - Hand-Bound Books and Journals


MVB Printmaker

Trained as a Printmaker on the Ocean, Michael Vincent Bushy became a Bookbinder in the Mountains.

Because life's funny that way.

Hand-Bound Books

Each MVB Printmaker book is unique - hand cut, hand folded, hand stitched. 

MVB employs Long, Coptic, Pamphlet and Japanese Stab Bindings - depending on what the book calls for.

Only the highest quality materials are used - Crawford Waxed Irish linen Thread. Crane Paper page stock. Tibetan Lokta paper sleeves. Vegetable-Dyed Cowhide Boot Leather covers.

Original Artwork

Each book has it's own personality and narrative. Matching colors, textures, bindings and layouts is only the first (through fourth) step. Each book is made unique with tooling, punchwork, branding, and embroidery - and that's just the leather.

Paper and hardcover books often feature original prints - etchings, monotypes, block prints and stamps. Also, they're vegan. Just sayin'.